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Sheet Pile & Soldier Beam Walls

Sheet piles are commonly used for both temporary and permanent excavation support. This system is easy to install and can be removed and reused when only temporary support is required. Sheet piles are normally installed before excavation and provide a finished shoring system that does not require any work during the excavation process. Sheet piles are especially useful in excavations that need to go past the level of ground water. Soldier beams and lagging normally consist of driven or drilled single piles, so called soldiers, that are spaced 5-10 feet with the space between them filled with lagging consisting of wood, metal places, or shotcrete. This shoring system is very beneficial in locations with obstructions in the ground or hard soil that does not allow for the driving of sheet piles. Advanced Shoring has access to a fleet of different cranes and pile driving equipment that allows us to tackle most pile driving applications.

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